Training Services

Realistic and effective solutions for high risk and high stress situations.

ROTH Tactics and Solutions is run by Emanuel Roth who provides training and consulting in armed and unarmed combatives, edged weapons tactics and mindset to civilians, LEO and military as required. Available for seminars, multi-day courses, and long-term consulting work.




1. "Do you have what it takes to survive?"-- by Emanuel Roth

Published in the Martialist magazine.

Visit and buy a subscription!  The magazine 'for those who fight unfairly'.


2. The Role of Controlled Versus Automatic Processing in Self Defense -- by Emanuel Roth

Fight Times

Fight Games e-Magazine 


3. "Psychology of the Bystander and tips for increasing chances of receiving help" -- by Emanuel Roth

Fight Times

Fight Games e-magazine

4. Alternative Weapons: Instinctive Self-defense,--by Emanuel Roth

Women's Online Magazine


More articles to be published soon...


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